Marshal's Office - (970)487-3089


Mission Statement

The Collbran Marshal’s Office is dedicated to the pursuit of the safest, and most peaceful community possible through community policing, proactive law enforcement, and strong community relationships, both organizationally and individually.

Core Values

COURAGE: Bravely standing in the face of danger and adversity, protecting all who call on us

HONOR: Serving a noble purpose-we hold this profession in the highest esteem

INTEGRITY: Trust and honesty are the foundation of our actions and conduct

PROFESSIONALISM: Our fierce drive to carry ourselves with the highest level of character and pride for our community and department


It is the vision of the Collbran Marshal’s Office to be the best we can be to provide the highest quality of service to the community we serve. Maintaining our core values and the protection of our community, while keeping in the tradition of being approachable and knowledgeable to the expectations of our community.