Today's Heritage

Cowboys and rodeos have been around Collbran for as long as it has existed, and for many years, ranching was the primary industry. Ranching in the past consisted primarily of raising cows, sheep, pigs, horses, and the hay to feed them! Of course many ranchers had chickens too. Eggs and milk were taken to The Creamery in Collbran. Cows and pigs were herded across the DeBeque cut-off in the fall to the railroad stock pens to be sent to market.

Although some of these family ranching operations continue, many ranchers have had to section and sell their land to survive. Some of the new landowners have continued the ranching tradition, though. The valley is home to elk, llama and goat ranches too now.

The ties to our heritage are reminiscent in the school's mascot (The Cowboys).

Our history and heritage blend with the present and become quite apparent every April and October when herds of cows and sheep are still driven by cowboys on horses (or ATVs) to and from the summer pastures.

For more information about the History & Heritage of Collbran Colorado, we recommend coming to town and visiting with the people who live here...
A good story is only five minutes from pulling up a chair!

Photo of a cowboy in front of the sunset









Photo by Dana Long